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I have always been fascinated by music, and for quite a while (starting around age 13) I spent a great deal of time and money at record shows, flea markets, and networking with Goldmine sellers to track down and snag obscure waxy treasures. I bought, sold, and traded records for almost 20 years, but I didn’t want to end up as the High Fidelity guy buried in an avalanche of vinyl – and I also felt my efforts would be better focused investing in my own music – so I sold off the majority of my collection except for the creamiest of the crop. Here are some of the records I’ve held on to:

(sorry, nothing here is for sale so please don’t ask.)

About Acetates:

Acetates are custom-made records consisting of aluminum blanks coated with a thin layer of nitrocellulose lacquer. Specialized disc-cutting machines (lathes) recorded music in real time onto the lacquer.

They were produced to allow artists, management, and other concerned parties to hear how a recording would sound outside of the studio, e.g. on their home hi-fi. Sometimes no more than one or two copies would be produced for any given recording, and they could only be played a handful of times before the lacquer coating began to degenerate. They exist today in extremely limited quantities.